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20.02.2016 · The genetics are from TGA Subcool and even though I didn't taste jelly beans or candy, it had a nice sweet spice taste. Thank you anonymous grower for sharing your flowers with us! Stay lifted.

Jelly Bean, also known more commonly as “Jillybean,” is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid (60% sativa/40% indica) strain created through crossing the classic Space Queen X Orange Skunk strains. With its sweet tangy citrus candy flavor and myriad of upbeat effects, Jelly Bean is one treat you won't soon forget.

Jelly Donut Strain Information | Cannafo | Marijuana | Cannabis Jelly Donut This is one strain that can boost anyone’s mood with both body sensations as well as aroma. Its citrus flavoring paired with its minty aroma will help any patient dealing with depression, stress, chronic pain and muscle discomfort. Jillybean Regular Seeds from Subcool Seeds/TGA Genetics - For example, their Jack the Ripper strain has tested as high as 26% for total Cannabinoids. While TGA Subcool offer a large product line, each strain is unique and created with a specific purpose in mind. In 2011, one of the strains listed on TGE Subcool’s library, Vortex, won 1 st prize at the High Times California Medical Cup. It was

Jun 26, 2019 · This strain is popular among users who appreciate its sweet, citrus flavor and buzzy high. It is a bit like having lemon/orange jelly beans and getting a solid sugar rush that is perfect for Like the name implies, this is a sweet, fruit flavored bud that tastes like a mix of jellybeans and pineapple. The Jilly bean strain is a mostly indica variety of orange velvet crossed with space queen. Jilly bean has a dark forest green color with some red hairs and lots of sticky resin. The high from this strain is mellow, giddy, and friendly. This sativa-dominant hybrid derives its name from the scent and flavor, often having a mango and pineapple smell that’s similar to a bag of jellybeans. Jillybean’s buds often produce a deep maroon shade on its leaves that resembles the red jelly beans in a holiday stocking. TGA Subcool Seeds is known for high potency Sativa hybrids. For example, their Jack the Ripper strain has tested as high as 26% for total Cannabinoids. While TGA Subcool offer a large product line, each strain is unique and created with a specific purpose in mind. Feb 09, 2017 · Jelly Breath by In House Genetics. Grown with aquaponics and Black Dog LEDs.

Buy Jillybeans seeds online at Dutch Seeds Shop. We offer only the most popular Marijuana seeds at the best price online. 10 free seeds for each order. Jilly Bean Strain Review | The Nug 7 Sep 2015 Background. The Jilly Bean strain attained its now-notable name for two reasons. The first is kind of obvious, the name is close to jelly bean for  Jilly Bean - Dark Heart Nursery 29 Nov 2019 As stated in the Big Book of Buds 3, “Jilly Bean is the first strain bred by Green Avengers member Mz. Jill. Like jelly beans, Jilly “Beans” are 

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Jilly Bean is the first marijuana strain bred by Green Avengers member MzJill. Her friend Charmed, another female grower, suggested the name. Like jelly beans, Jilly “Beans” are seeds that promise a sweet, fruit-flavored, happy-making treat. Jilly Bean is easy to grown both indoors and out. When grown outside, this strain does best in dry Jillybean Strain Review - I Love Growing Marijuana This strain is famous for tasking like a handful of tropical fruit-flavored jelly beans – and smelling like them too. This gentle sativa-dominant strain will allow you an intense cerebral high, that is complemented by an uplifting body high that will have you feel awake and focused for hours. Jilly Bean Seeds - Strain Review | The strain is a cross between Orange Velvet and Space Queen and it appeared in the 2007 Top Ten Strains of the year in High Times Magazine. The Jilly Bean strain has a fruity, skunky bouquet and its flavour combines sweet fruit and candy, as you’d expect from a weed whose name is a word play on jelly beans. The high is cerebral, euphoric and

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Choose from a wide range of high quality cannabis seeds from In House Genetics. Jelly Breath S1 is now for sale now at the Attitude Seedbank UK. Mar 17, 2019 · Jelly Belly creator David Klein crafted cannabis-infused jelly beans in 38 flavors with each piece containing 10 mg of CBD. Oct 03, 2019 · How to Strain Seeds from Fruit when Making Jelly. Jelly differs from jam or preserves in that it is seedless and does not contain recognizable pieces of fruit. It's easy to remove the seeds from fruits like peaches because they have large,

Jillybean from MzJill Genetics is an upbeat and happy strain with flavors of tangy orange and mango. This strain is a top choice for creative minds and social butterflies looking for unencumbered Jelly Bean is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by MzJill Genetics. This strain has a unique flavor that is sweet, tangy, citrus and candy! This flavorful strain also gives off a sweet sugary aroma with some earth and pungent touches. Legs get a little jelly-like after a few hits, and it makes me feel quite weak due to the potent muscle relaxation. This is a perfect night time strain for me, and ticks all the important boxes: helps me sleep, no raciness or paranoia (I suffer from panic attacks, so this is important), gives me a great appetite boost, relaxes my muscles, and Jilly Bean, or “Jillybean,” is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid (60% sativa/40% indica) strain created through crossing the insanely delicious Space Queen X Orange Skunk strains. With a flavor that is said to be like a fresh cut mango with just a slight touch of earth and even more addictive eu