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Sweet CBD Auto is our most pure CBD rich strain, bred specifically to produce the maximum levels of CBD and almost no THC in a breath taking 2 months. Sweet Pure CBD es una cepa con un alto nivel de CBD y una buena producción. Su efectos son medicinales totalmente sin efectos psico-activos.

Sweet Seeds Sweet Pure CBD Female (3 seeds). Indoor Yield: 400-500 g/m2. Outdoor Yield: 375-600 g/plant

Sweet Pure CBD® (SWS65) features a THC:CBD ratio of between 1:15 and 1:20, with levels of THC standing between 0,4% and 1% and CBD levels of around 8-15%. Such low levels of THC and high CBD turn our Sweet Pure CBD® into a cannabis plant with imperceptible psychotropic effects. With these high levels of CBD, therapeutic cannabis users can get

Sweet Pure CBD es una variedad con un gran valor medicinal gracias a su alto contenido en CBD y su bajísima concentración de THC, es muy fácil de cultivar  Its feminized seeds flower in 8 to 9 weeks, sharing heavy harvests of euphoric, giggly Sweet cherry and sour diesel. With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the grow-how from the experts! Meanwhile, the pure Sativa Durban Poison gifted its uplifting and focus enhancing aptitude. Top quality Cannabis Seeds. We are UK's biggest Marijuana seed bank with thousands of cheap Cannabis Seeds and strains at wholesale Sweet Seeds. Cette liste des lignée notables de cannabis est organisée selon la pureté ou l'hybridation des +Speed "Auto" (Sweet Seeds) [ Crital Mass "Auto" x phénotype Speed Devil #2 "Auto" ]; "Auto" #1 (Auto Seeds).. Pure Amnesia "Auto" (LaMota Seeds); Pure Power Plant "Auto" (White Label); Purple Bud "Auto" (White Label) 


The first “CBD-pure” cannabis strain from Sweet Seeds®, with very low levels of THC, generally under 1%, and high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD), specially designed to satisfy the needs of therapeutic cannabis users who prefer to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC.

AUTO Sweet Pure CBD Feminized Seeds (Sweet Seeds) | True North Sweet Pure Auto CBD® (SWS75) is the result of the hybridization and subsequent selection of CBD-rich and THC-poor specimens, between Sweet Pure CBD® and our CBD-rich autoflowering strain Honey Peach Auto CBD®. The aromas of this strain are sweet and fruity with citrus tones and a touch of cypress. Sweet Seeds | Sweet Pure CBD Samen | Green Parrot Glücklicherweise ändern sich die Dinge, und CBD sorgt dank seiner einzigartigen Fähigkeit, mehrere Krankheiten zu behandeln, dafür, dass die Welt aufsteht. Um CBD für seine Vorteile zu ehren, führt Sweet Seeds Sweet Pure CBD ein - eine Sorte, die einen hohen CBD-Gehalt und vernachlässigbare Mengen an enthält. Während der CBD-Gehalt von Sweet Pure CBD von Sweet Seeds - alchimiaweb.com

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La Sweet Pure Auto CBD de Sweet Seeds ofrece cantidades enormes de CBD, sin casi nada de THC. Ahora puedes dosificarte cuando quieras, sin colocarte. Sweet Pure CBD #42 x (Candida x Kompolti). Low THC levels (below 1%) and high CBD ranging from 8% to 15%. Highly recommended. Venta de la marihuana Sweet Pure CBD feminizada de Sweet Seeds, la primera variedad de este banco CBD Pura, con beneficios medicinales y menos de un 

Super Silver Haze CBD is a mostly sativa Cross between a selected strain of Fast Bud #2 and Sweet Cheese by the R&D department of Sweet Seeds. CBD Sweet and Sour Widow - Seedbank A CBD enriched White Widow strain, this grows vigorously during the vegetative stage and on flowering produces slightly airy flower clusters, which end highly resinous. The airy start to the bud Hemp Flowers - CBD Oils - CBD Edibles - The Brain Box Shop Ltd TBBS - CBD Dispensary - Hemp Flowers - CBD Oils - CBD Edibles. For all your CBD needs come and visit TBBS Dispensary in Swansea or order online! Nasiona Marihuany